5 Signs You Need New Command Center Desks

If you’ve ever watched a film or TV show that features a 911 dispatcher on the job, then you know that these types of workers don’t sit in any typical kind of desk or cubicle, as these employees aren’t your traditional office drones. No, instead of a row of desks, these workers are often placed in a spacious command center facility with screens in front of them. In fact, you may not notice it, but their dispatch furniture has a lot going on when it comes to determining how they best function in the role of crisis communication. Whereas many office workers can do their job anywhere, dispatchers need to have the right space in order to do their jobs properly.

Given that these consoles are so crucial to helping dispatchers in their jobs, how do you know when it’s time to invest in updated desks? Here are five signs that it’s time for you to invest in new console furniture:

1. Space has become an issue.

Are your command center desks cluttered and disorganized? Maybe essential tools are covered because there isn’t enough room for everything that’s needed to do the job correctly? Then it might be time to get some new consoles. In order for a dispatch worker to their fullest potential, they need to have the right amount of adequate space and organization, especially when it comes to having relevant equipment accessible.

When you are looking at new command center furniture, consider its surface area. Continuous consoles with screens that are mounted, allowing for extensive counter space, are ideal for dispatchers.

command center furniture. multiple rows, multi-desk with task chairs and monitors, blue laminate

2. Perhaps your command center is merging.

Many command centers are merging together within counties in order to be more efficient. Like any kind of office move or adjustment, this one can be complicated, too. But when it comes to combining multiple centers together, you’ll definitely want to provide a fresh workspace for everyone, one that doesn’t overwhelm and feels welcoming. A new workspace during this type of company phase can not only boost morale, but it can also help with productivity.

3. Consider your dispatcher’s health.

It’s no secret that most people spend most of their lives at their desks. And it’s also not a secret that spending a lot of time at your desk can be harmful to your health. While many traditional office employees have the luxury of being able to get up and move around, command center employees must stay committed to their space because leaving their desk might be the difference between life and death for someone.

If your command center doesn’t offer adjustable-height desks, then you should definitely consider putting that on your list of updates, as providing employees with a standing option has been shown to improve focus in their job. And who needs to stay focused and alert like command center workers?


rendering of adjustable height noc furniture at campbell county emergency center

4. You have more employees than you have space.

This is quite a pickle. Your agency is hiring more people, but you don’t have anywhere to put them? Instead of investing in an entirely new facility space, which can obviously cost a lot of money, putting that spending toward new dispatcher furniture can cost a lot less but still fix the issue. More compact consoles with adequate counter space can alleviate congestion while also eliminating unnecessary desk features that maybe the dispatcher doesn’t even use.

5. Your dispatchers aren’t comfortable at their current console desks.

Ask any dispatcher what their No. 1 request is and they will say more comfort in their job. After all, they are sitting for long periods—that can wreak havoc on the body. Studies show that investing in command center employees’ comfort can not only help relieve stress and tension in these often intense jobs, but it can also help with retention. But it’s more than just cushioned chairs that go into creating a comfortable workspace. Other elements that go into adequate command center consoles include proper air conditioning, heating, and lighting (eye strain can also cause discomfort). Typically these types of amenities are arranged in the rear section of the console, so that they are within reach without inhibiting workflow.

New Command Center Consoles 2022

Now that you know what kind of console furniture to look for, browse Inracks line of consoles to customize options according to your agency’s needs. For nearly 13 years, Inracks has designed dynamic command and control room furniture for a variety of clients in a variety of industries. Early on, Inracks set out to combine custom design and manufacturing with low-volume, low-cost solutions for companies. Inracks takes a three-pronged approach to the console center business, by using their years of experience in the business to know what the best designs and approaches are, putting together designs that are affordable for agencies, and finally incorporating customers’ opinions and judgment when it comes to putting together a command center design that fits their company’s needs.

Inracks Control Room Consoles5 Signs You Need New Command Center Desks

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