Portable Monitor Wall (PMW)

InracksSummit Portable Monitor Wall (PMW) provides a low cost, easy to assemble solution that is flexible, expandable and completely modular.

All Summit monitor walls are designed to support your monitor configuration. The PWM can be expanded and reconfigured based on your changing needs. Will support any LCD/Plasma monitor from 46″ to 55″.

Our heavy-duty large LCD/plasma mounts combine a low profile design with integrated security features. The mount features a rapid leveling system, quick connect/disconnect installation, fingertip-tilt, and a pullout bottom for convenient cable access. Allows for portrait or landscape flat panel installation.

The Special Purpose Video Wall Mount is allowing designers to take video walls to the next level. Displays attach to the mount in 15 degree increments providing designers with an endless array of design possibilities. Ten points of micro-adjustment delivers the fine tuning needed to create a seamless video wall appearance. In addition, the mount extends from the wall and pivots for quick and convenient rear display access and servicing. Once finished, simply push the display back where it securely clips in the home position.

Full Service Video Wall Mount with quick release offers an easy to install solution for landscape and portrait applications. When overall video wall depth is a concern, provides ADA compliance when mounting displays measuring 2″ deep or less. Designed for quick service access in recessed video wall applications, provides versatility demanded by today’s integrator. Tool-less micro adjustment at eight points allows the mount to overcome uneven walls, creating a seamless video wall display. Easy display access and quick serviceability make this mount the ultimate video wall mounting solution.

The exterior framing is constructed of 1-1/2″ x 3″ extruded aluminum for superior strength and flexibility. Custom frames can be manufactured to any height and length

The interior supports are constructed of 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ extruded aluminum for superior strength and flexibility. Custom frames can be manufactured to any height and length

All Summit monitor wall frames feature a black anodized powder coat finish that fits seamlessly into any environment and blends in with attached monitors, creating a pleasing shadow effect.

Multiple raceway channels are available for wire management. Run the cables horizontally or vertically to the floor.

Ten, eleven, or twenty outlet power strips are available with on/off switches and circuit breakers. Power strips mount to the rear of the horizontal and/or vertical frame sections.

The Summit Portable Monitor Wall

Inracks takes Portable Monitor Video Wall carts to a new level of innovation. With this new modular design, a 2×2, 3×2, or a 3×3 video wall cart configuration can be built with just a single unit. This Portable Modular Video Wall offers an 8-point micro-adjustment to create a seamless alignment without the need of tools. With a five-inch lockable caster, the cart becomes secure for safe and easy movement over various flooring surfaces. Designed for a quick set-up and tear down, the cart features a quick-connect latch for adaptors, allowing automatic engagement with mounting rails. Media storage and cable management create a sleek appearance for any application setting. With an overall weight and shipping cost reduction, this Portable Video Wall Cart makes this the ultimate video wall cart solution.

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