The Inracks Sanitary Safety Divider for control room consoles helps keep operators safe during critical times.

The clear sanitary safety divider is an elegant solution for dividing critical workstations in the control room environment.

Back Panel

Front Panel

  • Helps protect mission critical operators from infection of contagious viruses or diseases
  • Lightweight panel with multiple mounting options
  • Clear panel for high visibility and light transmission
  • Can be permanently or temporarily mounted to console stations as needed
  • Acrylic panel has beveled edges for safety
  • Sanitary Safety Divider can be mounted to the front and sides of individual stations
  • Sanitary Safety Divider brackets can be reused over and over again
  • Sanitary Safety Divider acrylic can be easily replaced as needed do to damage or scratches etc
  • Sanitary Safety Divider can be installed on both Enterprise and Edge console product lines

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Steven SiejaSanitary Safety Divider for Control Room Consoles