Military Control Room Consoles Across Defense Industries (A Series):

At Inracks, we are privy to the fact that well-equipped, state-of-the-art command centers are an integral part of every military facility. They call for mission-critical consoles and military-specific command center furniture that come with cutting-edge tech as well as ergonomic features.

That’s why we have put together this handy guide to walk you through important considerations and specifications when planning and choosing spot-on NOC furniture specially optimized for operator safety and comfort, as well as mission-critical workflow at any type of military installation or control room.

Military control room console furniture with multiple monitors and keyboards

Design Considerations for Defense Control Room Consoles

As an industry leader, we understand that the day to day joint operations military sector call for a specific set of qualities from their mission critical furniture and consoles. The sophisticated technology of command center consoles and the NOC furniture solutions are at the core of a highly functional, efficient and safe military installation.

The primary aim is to prepare the mission-critical room for efficient real time monitoring, interacting, controlling, and providing time-sensitive solutions to the military personnel in need of coordination. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of boots on the ground, taking intel calls, connecting military installations or communicating with bases to cover a covert operation, it needs to be customized down to the T according to the military purpose intended to be served.

Most importantly, here are key considerations to keep in mind. Plan, design and install a proper national security defense control room and the console furniture within it:


A defense control room is not just a hub for command center operations communication; it’s also the nerve center for brainstorming, as well as covert missions, training, and simulation. At the very minimum, these command centers must have the capacity to dispense time and security-sensitive information to boots on the ground, other military facilities, bases and other concerned stakeholders of the federal government.

In similar fashion, the military control room, layout, furniture, and overall design allows for fluid and hassle-free communication with both onsite and offsite personnel and stations. The control centers communication and interoperability elements of the control room could be made more fluid and efficient through nifty pieces of equipment such as LAN, waveforms, satellite telephone (sat phones), radio tower, routers, tactical radios, and much more.


Design military command centers with survivability top of mind. Of course, high tech military installations are under attack from threats left and right. When troops are operating in a war zone, it pays to have a good second option. An alternative, back-up or temporary command center from which military command operators can stay on top of things even during or in the aftermath of an attack. Often, this means they require alternative design plans and extra NOC consoles and military command center furniture that could be needed to meet emergency military applications at the ready.


Mission critical furniture and consoles are durable and highly integrated with tech to meet and surpass the stringent demands of the military and the strict certifications of relevant federal government agencies. More importantly, construct furniture with top-grade materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and other military-grade frames. This way, they can withstand heavy, sustained, and continual use.

Command Center Personnel Comfort

Military personnel such as the air force manning these command centers log many hours and work several days a week, sometimes longer, without breaks. Therefore, customize mission-critical furniture with ergonomic features. These features make sure the personnel stays alert as well as work at optimal levels in such high-stress, security-critical situations.


The command and control consoles and furniture designed for military control rooms should be modular by design. As such, configure them in many different ways to help meet the needs of today’s federal government and military command centers.

Type of Furniture and Consoles Commonly Used in Military Control Rooms

Summit Enterprise console furniture, 2 stations, with monitor wall

(1) Enterprise Console by Inracks

The Enterprise is the flagship military control room console furniture solution from Inracks. Of course they are designed with aesthetics, functionality, security, and durability in mind. Some of the key features include:

  • They come in 2 sleek side panel design to select from. Both designs are available in custom, woodgrain, and solid color.
  • Advance slatwall & cable management
  • Seamless worksurface
  • Made in the USA

(2) Edge Console by Inracks

The Edge Console is your ideal Network Operations Center (NOC) Furniture and Consoles. In addition, the design is low-cost, budget-friendly and is for use for just about any military application. Top features include:

  • Ultra simple baying
  • Extra deep work surface
  • A wide range of accessories available
  • Top-notch cable management
  • Made in the USA

There you have it – top specs and factors to consider when planning and designing an effective defense command center. In summary, it’s crucial to understand some of the military control room consoles challenges that you might face. Trusting in a solid designer and manufacturer, like Inracks, is important. Contact us anytime via our general form or at 800-346-7521

Inracks Control Room ConsolesMilitary Control Room Consoles Across Defense Industries (A Series):

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