Control Room Consoles Across Industries (A Series): Educational Facilities

But there are other facilities that utilize console furniture, and a group that you might not think of is education. Like we did before with the military, we’re going to walk you through education control rooms and consider specifications around education data centers and their furniture.

Using Control Room Consoles in Universities/Educational Facilities

With technology becoming increasingly important in education, data centers or control rooms are going to become more crucial in school districts, colleges, and more. After all, to house computer rooms, laboratories, and other technology-related rooms, you’re going to need a place for servers, power supplies, and storage devices.

If something goes wrong in a school’s technological infrastructure, the data center serves as the heart, holding everything. Imagine being in college during finals, and the entire network goes down. How are you going to study? Turn in your work? Educational facilities need to have data centers in areas that are reliable and accessible.

Design Considerations

Like any data center, temperature and location are crucial. Some universities and K-12 schools might just assume stick their control room in a basement, but that’s not necessarily the right move, as flooding can occur among other consequences of concern.

Education classroom control rooms console furniture desks with monitors

You don’t necessarily want to put a data center on a second floor either though, as the space can be overloaded with technology and possibly cause the floor to fall in. Yikes.

Colleges are finding unique ways to utilize spaces for data centers. In 2017, Harvard University added a new control room to their basketball arena and used internet protocol (IP) technology to connect all the school’s athletics over the public internet. At Cleveland State University, its data center includes a raised floor, physical security and restricted access, and a back-up location in a remote location. Also, a lot of considerations have been made in the event of something going wrong (and something will go wrong, large or small, at some point).

Personnel/Faculty Comfort

Proper data centers will be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so the right furniture will be crucial for those working in the data center. Also, these data centers should be separate from department classes, so as not to bother professors or teachers; departments shouldn’t have to worry about where their power and networks come from—all they need to do is rely on it.

Departments That Can Benefit From Console Furniture

Truly, almost every department can benefit from console furniture, as every major or student will end up in a computer lab or library at some point (hopefully!). And what’s in a computer lab or library? Console furniture, right? You’ve probably seen long rows of desks and not even realized it.

But here are some specific departments that directly benefit from data center console furniture, like the sciences, which includes labs and specialized rooms; architecture and design, which may even explore how specific designs benefit users; and mathematics, which utilizes labs and specialized machines. Another example would be TV control rooms on college campuses, as most colleges have a TV station or radio station which would necessitate control room furniture.

Education control room furniture desk with chairs and monitors

Why Educational Facilities Should Consider Inracks

When it comes to data center and console room furniture needs, there are many reasons for educational institutions and facilities to choose Inracks.

Affordable Costs

Like any student, schools and colleges don’t want to break their budget either. The Summit line of console furniture at Inracks offers affordable costs on console room furniture, with low first costs, low freight costs, and lost installation costs. All of the performance schools need at a fraction of the cost.

Durability for Long Life of Desks

Along with an affordable cost comes durability. Technology might be changing all the time, but you’ll want furniture that lasts with the changing times. Not only will Inracks furniture withstand class after class, but they will also make students and faculty comfortable when learning new skills and practices.


It’s clear that data center or console room furniture for educational facilities is very important, maybe more important than you ever thought. In order for optimal success, it’s crucial to keep both students and faculty comfortable and capable while they take their education to the next level.

About Inracks

Inracks develops innovative Command and Control Room Furniture infrastructure solutions for a variety of clients. Most of the company’s early activities addressed custom design and manufacturing, which they found fit well with their principal core competency: creation of low volume, low cost solutions involving storage and racking of data processing equipment.

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Inracks Control Room ConsolesControl Room Consoles Across Industries (A Series): Educational Facilities

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