Control Room Desk vs. Specialized Console Furniture

Control room furniture consists of highly specialized, durable components that are built to withstand the rigorous demands of the 24/7 environment. Furthermore, traditional office furniture and desks are built for a short life cycle with sub standard quality at a low cost of entry. Could you incorporate traditional office desks and furniture in place of the highly specialized furniture typically seen in a control room? In truth, a control room engineer could try. However, the end user would quickly realize the shortcomings of a traditional desk.


Inracks, the manufacturer of specialized control room desk furniture, has built a superior solution for the control room environment. With it’s Summit Enterprise and Edge line of control room furniture and complete control room design services, Inracks focuses on the most important elements in creating a highly efficient control room environment. For instance, the specialized control room desks offered by Inracks are flexible, allowing operators to choose a variety of configurations and combinations that fit their current needs and allow for adjustability. Take monitor configurations for example. In fact, the flexible slatwall solution offered with all Inracks furniture offers nearly limitless monitor configurations. Additionally, integrated power and wire management keeps power and data connections secure and hidden. Depending on your equipment needs, choose an open style configuration with Summit Edge or closed style configuration with Summit Enterprise.

Blonde L-Shaped Traditional Office Desk with Chair

Traditional Office Furniture Desk Shown Here


Desk furniture available via big-box store is built cheaply with little to no consideration for expandability or longevity. In addition, surface materials consist of hard edges and poorly constructed composite materials with little regard given to operator comfort. Furthermore, traditional desk furniture can’t built to custom sizes. Finally, expect a poorly planned control room design solution that promotes inefficiency, poor line of sight and quickly needs replacement.


  • Aluminum slatwall with mounting points for flat screens and task lights
  • Integrated grommets for power and data
  • Perforated steel shelving
  • Removable access panels
  • Heavy duty edging
  • Heavy duty high pressure laminate work surface
  • Closed style solution
  • Enterprise quality
  • Custom colors and sizes
  • Room design drawings included


  • Aluminum slatwall with mounting points for flat screens and task lights (Optional)
  • Integrated grommets for power and data
  • 3mm PVC edging
  • Sit stand capability
  • Heavy duty high pressure laminate work surface
  • Open style solution
  • Budget friendly
  • Custom colors and sizes
  • Room design drawings included


  • No custom colors or sizes
  • Substandard work surfaces
  • No integrated power/data
  • No sit/stand capabilities
  • Poor load ratings
  • No slatwall or flexibility
  • Items occupy valuable desk space
  • Promotes operator fatigue
Enterprise control room desk with monitors

Inracks Summit Enterprise Desk with Multiple Monitor Configurations Shown


Inracks complete design services is an important element when planning your manufacturing, plant, utility, military command center. For example, the detailed working environment design study and report identifies troublesome areas in your existing or new build control room. Additionally, the report outlines room and furniture solutions for creating an environment that promotes productivity and efficiency. Inracks creates the report with remote customer supplied dimensions and information or with an on-site visit. In summary, we render the control room layout and adjacent areas with realistic 3-D modeling software to accurately depict your recommended design.


Using a traditional office furniture desk in the control environment severely compromises the efficiency of the critical environment. In summary, allow the experts at Inracks to put together a complete control room solution that includes desk, monitor, video wall and accessories recommendations.

Inracks Control Room ConsolesControl Room Desk vs. Specialized Console Furniture

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