Blade Sit-Stand – 911 EOC adjustable height console solution

Height adjustable and ergonomic designed to meet the rigorous demands of emergency operation environments.

Blade sit stand control room console diagram

Two Mounting Options – Slatrail or Slatwall

1. Low-Profile Slatrail Option

Modern Horizontal extruded aluminum anodized Black

2. Robust 3-Sided Slatwall Option

Highly Functional Three sided vertical and horizontal slatwall anodized Black

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The Blade console’s work surface is an (HPL) non porous high pressure laminate supported by a steel sub-frame

  • Urethane ergonomic edge molding accommodates heavy duty usage (24/7/365) and provides wrist comfort by eliminating contact stress caused by hard/sharp edges

  • Work surface is virtually seamless between modules

  • Heavy duty frame comprised of powder coated steel frame and extruded aluminum

  • Phenolic material available for harsh environmental area’s

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Blade console design includes easy lift-off brushed access panels to access the colored coated steel dual cable management trays

  • Install cables/fiber/power cords to and from work surface area (monitors, keyboards, etc)
  • Route cables/fiber/power to adjacent console as needed
  • Route cables/fiber to CPUs, power distribution units (PDUs), KVMs, etc.
  • Access panels provide brush gasket edging to ‘close’ over wires, hold them in place, and provide an organized, professional appearance
  • Cable trays designed to meet NIPR/SIPR

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Heavy duty perforated steel shelf provides secure storage for CPU towers and miscellaneous electronics

  • Lockable easy lift off doors (front and rear)
  • 12U rackmount kit included per module
  • Vented doors and bottom equipment shelf support proper heat dissipation
  • Clear path from shelving to cable management area
  • 2 internal MDF panels per module available for mounting patch panels, PDU’s ect

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Extruded aluminum anodized black slatwall or slatrail  provides convenient mounting point for accessories

  • Frees up worksurface space
  • Slatwall or slatrail comprises high strength anodized aluminum
  • Monitor arms can support various flat screen configurations
  • Task lights provide additional workstation lighting when and where it is needed
  • Slatwall provides for three sided multi-use surface when mounting surface is in high demand
  • Slatrail is a Horizontal low profile modern design allowing for increased line of sight requirement

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Blade design makes it easy to switch out static support legs for motorized lift legs

  • Standard adjustable height lift column with a load capacity of 1200N column.
  • Additional lift column options available depending on lift requirement
  • Programmable push button control system

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The blade console can be configured with a number of custom technology options.

  • Environmental controls like temperature, heating/cooling system
  • Modern touch controlled LED task lighting
  • Wide range of power/data grommet options that can be configured into the work surface.
  • Configurable integrated power options
  • Phone shelves
  • Monitor arms for almost any configuration

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The Blade Sit Stand series offers the following key benefits:

  • Mission critical engineered design based on years of industry experience
  • Incredible strong almost indestructible  extruded aluminum and steel frame design
  • Large number of HPL color combination options
  • Modern custom colored end panels made from a combination of HPL and polycarbonate
  • The highly customizable modular design enables the end user to design and scale around their unique mission critical operation space needs and specifications
  • Ability to meet government security requirements such as NIPR/SIPR
  • Optional motorized height adjustable work surface functionality
  • Designed to be stationary or mobile operator console stations
Blade Command Center Desks

Blade Sit-Stand Key Features:

  1. Work surface is 1-1/4” thick high pressure laminated MDF with bonded MT comfort edge nosing
  2. Module widths include: 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” forward and reverse corner modules: 22.5, 45, 90 degree
  3. Designed to utilize monitor arms to position displays vertically and horizontally for positive operator line of sight comfort
  4. MT6 ergonomic comfort edge nosing is extremely durable, impact and puncture resistant, permanently bonded seams, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. UV resistant material, LEED credit certified
  5. End panels shall be 1 1/4 ” thickness high pressure laminated MDF with 1mm PVC edging with a 3/8” black acrylic inset.
  6. Black & red color coated cable trays shall be constructed from 6 gage powder coated wire. Cable tray design meets NIPR/SIPR security protocols.
  7. Vertical legs made from 14 gauge powder coated cold rolled steel with a sub-frame structure made from black powder coated 14 ga C.r.s
  8. Perforated bottom CPU shelf with cable entry points made from 14 gage powder coated cold rolled steel and allows for air circulation thru out equipment storage internal frame.
  9. Standard modules to include up to 12U of 19 Inch rackmount capability
  10. Ventilated front and rear doors lift off for easy access to internal equipment storage area. Doors constructed of  ¾ high pressure laminate with MDF cores with built-in lock ability.
  11. (2) Internal MDF mounting surfaces under cabinet for power distribution units & patch panels
  12. Easy lift off infill panels integrated with the work surface allow for easy access to cable trays from above. Brushes in the lift off panels create a space to route wire and cables while also preventing pencils, etc from falling into the cabinet.
  13. Almost indestructible low profile horizontal slatrail or three sided vertical/horizontal slatwall made from extruded anodized aluminum designed to accept monitor arms, task lights and accessories
  14. Product meets all ANSI BIFMA X5.5 safety and performance product standards


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Powered and synchronized three-part column leg adjustable lift system with customizable push button memory settings.

Operators are able to raise and lower their dispatch desk work surface height with a push of a button.

How-to design your custom console.

Step 1: Choose Fixed or Adjustable-Height

The Blade control room console is available as a fixed height standard or sit/stand adjustable height.


Static console can be configured as a stand-alone module or can be configured with multiple interconnected modules.

Blade Solid Color Side Panel


Adjustable-height modules can be configured with static units adjacent but unconnected.

Step 2: Choose Your Side Panel and Door Color

Available in standard and custom HPL colors. Corporate logo integration can be added.

Solid Panel Colors

Neutral 918

Brite White 109

Fossil 5349

Graystone 464

Platinum 902

Gull Grey 9242

Graphite 837

Earth 5342

Liquid Glass 8240

Storm 912

Winter Sky 8792

Marine Blue 914

Navy 969

Nocturne 5323

Black 909

Stop Red 839

New Burgundy 7966

Brittany Blue D321

Woodgrain Panel Colors

Amber Maple 7012

Ginger Root 7288

Oiled Walnut 5487

Wild Cherry 5904

Oiled Olive Wood 5481

Select Cherry 7759

Cocoa Maple 7739

Black Walnut 3485

Taupe Walnut 5787

Smoky Brown Pear 5488

Graphite Elm 5796

Blond Celar 8576

White Painted Wood 8902

Storm Teakwood 8908

Black Riftwood 6414

Step 3: Choose Your Work Surface Color

Available in standard and custom HPL colors. Custom phenolic work surface materials available on request.

console work surface with monitor and side panel

Folk Stone Grafix 507

Natural Gray Felt 4971-58

Stone Grafix 503

Storm Solidz 3505

Burnt Strand 6307

Folkstone Celesta 692

Graphite Grafix 515

Navy Grafix 7018

Gray Grafix 9300-58

White Drops 8824

Steven SiejaBlade Sit Stand Console