The Enterprise console is designed to meet demanding mission critical requirements

Field tested & budget conscious, the Enterprise line of consoles is customizable to fit any size control room area.

The Enterprise side panel is available in two stylish designs, in solid, woodgrain or custom color.

Side Panel A

Side Panel B

The command center furniture worksurface is tough and is supported by a high strength frame.

  • Urethane edge molding accommodates heavy duty usage (24/7/365) and provides wrist comfort by eliminating contact stress caused by hard/sharp edges
  • Worksurface is virtually seamless
  • Heavy duty frame comprises sheet metal and extruded aluminum

Console contains easy lift-off access panels expose heavy gauge stainless steel cable management basket

  • Lay in cables/wires to and from worksurface area (monitors, keyboards, etc)
  • Route cables/wires to adjacent consoles
  • Route cables/wires to CPUs, power distribution units (PDUs), KVMs, etc.
  • Access panels provide brush gasket edging to ‘close’ over wires, hold them in place, and provide an organized, professional appearance

Heavy duty steel shelving provides secure storage for servers and miscellaneous electronics

  • Easy lift off doors (front and rear)
  • Doors can slide in aluminum slide path
  • Vented doors support heat dissipation
  • Clear path from shelving to cable management area

Attractive heavy duty slatwall provides convenient mounting point for accessories

  • Frees up worksurface space
  • Slatwall comprises high strength anodized aluminum
  • Monitor arms can support various flat screen configurations
  • Task lights provide additional workstation lighting when and where it is needed
  • Black powder coated perforated cap supports convection cooling

Power and Data are at your fingertips

  • Integrated power distribution unit (PDU)
  • Power and data ports integrated into access panels
  • Up to 8 ports of combined power and data

What accessories can be included with the Enterprise line of console furniture?
The Enterprise console can be set up with individual task lights, slatwall-mounted multi-monitor display arms, ergonomic chairs, and additional storage cabinets below.

Can the Enterprise console fit in any space?
Yes, this unit can be designed to fit any size space, in single or multiple rows. We can design a solution that fits your needs.

Is this line of command center consoles customizable?
Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns for the furniture’s work surface. And the Enterprise offers the choice between 2 types of side panels, both of which can also be customized with regard to color.

Are these desks sturdy?
The Enterprise line of consoles offer a sturdy construction with an aesthetic appeal.

Will our operators be comfortable?
Our desks are designed for the rigors of the modern command center. But we take pride in the fact the Enterprise console line of desks are ergonomically designed for operator comfort.

Need to request a console rendering?

Command Center Furniture for Mission Critical Environments

The Enterprise 7X24 console furniture solution is a highly functional, attractive console that utilizes advanced cable management and slatwall.

“Performance at a very economical price point”
The Enterprise console line offers the following key benefits:

  • Advanced Wire Management using a cable trough running under the worksurface – provides a convenient entrance/exit point for wires and cables
  • All wires and cables are contained and managed within the cable management trough located under the worksurface, accessible via removable infill panels
  • Integrated Power and Data Grommets can provide ready operator access to all required connection points at customer specified worksurface location(s)
  • Enclosed storage for multiple CPUs and UPS
  • Robust slatwall for multiple displays and oversized monitors
  • Generous knee and foot space
  • Ventilated sliding front and rear access panels lift-off for easy access to equipment storage cabinet
  • Extensive high-performance laminate options

Looking for a slightly less robust console setup?
Learn more about the Edge console >

Summit Enterprise Console Key Features:

  1. High Strength aluminum slatwall to attach monitor arms, task lights, telephones and binders to keep the worksurface clear and organized.
  2. Standard Module Widths include: 24″, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”
  3. Standard Corner modules include 15,22.5, 45 and 90 degree corners
  4. Side Panels available in two design styles
  5. Ergonomic edge nosing is extremely durable, impact resistant, Anti-bacterial and provides additional protection needed for Command Center 24/7 Operations
  6. Seamless Multi-Console Worksurface Baying – Mitered Corners
  7. Lockable access doors to protect against unwanted equipment tampering
  8. Console can be Configured to meet NIPR/SIPR requirement
  9. Slatwall height available in 1, 2 and 3 tier tall

How-to design your Enterprise console.

Step 1: Choose Your Shape

The Enterprise line of command center furniture offers two options for side panel shapes.

Rendering of control room with multiple command center desks


Our classic side panel shape offers clean lines, complete privacy coverage and sturdy construction.

Single command center console desk with multiple monitors and blue side panels


Our modern side panel shape offers an aesthetically optimized shape and sturdy durable construction.

Step 2: Choose Your Side Panel and Door Color

The Enterprise console is available in solid or woodgrain color. Corporate logo integration can be added.

The Enterprise side panel color and inset is 100% customizable. Choose a solid color side panel or wood grain texture. We recommend black as the inset color, but can be specified as any optional color.

Rendering of control room with multiple command center desks
Single command center console desk with multiple monitors and blue side panels

Solid Panel Colors

Atlantis D25

Black 1595

Brittany Blue D321

Coffee Bean D495

Crystal D388

Designer White D354

Dove Grey D92

Grey 1500

Hollyberry D307

Indigo D379

Island D498

Lapis Blue D417

Midnight D505

North Sea D90

Ocean D502

Orange Grove D501

Pewter D73

Polished Silver Y0391

Port D14

Slate Grey D91

The Enterprise side panel color and inset is 100% customizable. Choose a solid color side panel or wood grain texture. We recommend black as the inset color, but can be specified as any optional color.

Control room consoles, multi-operator rows, with task chairs, monitors, and wood-grain side panels, in rendering of a command center room
double operator command center desk with 6 display monitors

Woodgrain Side Panel Colors

5TH AVE. ELM 7966

Amber Cherry 7919

Asian Night 7949

Beigewood 7850

Big Island Koa Y0587

Florence Walnut 7993

Fonthill Pear 10745

Hampton Walnut 7959

Kensington Maple 10776

Sterling Ash 7995

Versailles Anigre 7923

Wild Cherry 7054

Specialty & Premium Metal Side Panel Colors – *Up Charge Applies

Carbon Fiber Cloth Y0543

Satin Brushed Nickel 6202

Satin Brushed Palladium L6445

Satin Brushed Lite Bronze Aluminum 6261

Step 3: Choose Your Work Surface Color

Available in standard and custom HPL colors. Custom phenolic work surface materials available on request.

Choose from a variety of work surface colors. Black bull-nose edge comes standard on Enterprise console units.

rendering of command center console laminate work surface with under cabinets

Cloud Nebula 4630

Canyon Zephyr 4842-60

Graphite Nebula 4623

Grey Glace 4142

Grey Nebula 4622

Grey Pampus 4168

Loden Zephyr 4844

Oiled Soapstone 4882

Titanium EV 4810

Twilight Zephyr 4845

White Nebula 4621

Woven Clouds Y0649

Steven SiejaEnterprise Console