Control Center Design for SCADA & DCS Systems

Inracks provides new and retrofit command center design to improve performance and protect your SCADA & DCS investments.

SCADA & DCS Systems – Improve Performance with Custom Console Furniture

Our Summit Line of console furniture is used in a wide array of applications including electric, pipeline, manufacturing, chemical plants and process control centers. Protect your SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) & DCS (Distributed control system) investment by utilizing the trusted furniture and design solutions offered by Inracks. Improve the performance of your SCADA & DCS system by incorporating our furniture and room design techniques to optimize operator reliability and effectiveness. We specialize in new control room builds as well as retrofit/repurposed control rooms. Our control room console solutions are ideal for monitoring SCADA and DCS content.  

Complete Design Services For Unique Applications:

  • War Room Design
  • EOC (Emergency Operations Center) Rooms
  • Control Room & Adjacencies
  • Fatigue Mitigation Rooms
  • Permitting/Lockout Rooms
  • NOC (Network Operations Center)
  • SCR (Security Control Room)
  • OCC (Operations Control Center)
  • FCR (Future Control Room)
  • Conference Center Room
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