Key Features of Modern Command Center Desks

What is a Command Center Desk?

A command center desk is a specialized type of console furniture designed for use in command centers and mission-critical operations facilities. Typically more extensive and advanced than a traditional office desk, it includes features that assist operators with comfort during long shifts and helps with efficiency and productivity.


Command centers are designed as ‘mission control’ hubs for emergency response, transportation management, security monitoring, and military command and control, to name a few. The desks are essential to command centers, equipping personnel with collaborative workspaces that include multiple monitors, built-in cable management systems, and ergonomic features.

Ergonomic Desk Design for Operator Comfort

Designing command center desks with comfort in mind is essential, especially since it’s not unusual for operators to work long hours, especially in emergency 911 and dispatch centers. Some ergonomic design features that can help improve operator comfort are listed below.

Adjustable-Height Capability. Having the ability to change the height of a console desk allows operators to sit or stand while they work. When changing your position throughout the workday, there is less strain on the back and neck.

Ergonomic Task Chairs. Standing at your desk is a great option, but when you prefer to sit, the right chair makes all the difference. Ergonomic task chairs can provide hours of comfort and promote a good posture. However, not all chairs are created equal. Spending a little extra money on the right task chairs can improve efficiency. And comfortable operators can focus their attention on the task at hand.

Wrist Rests. Adding wrist rests to console desks is another way to ensure command center operators are comfortable. Wrist rests offer support while using a mouse and keyboard, typically in a tray that slides out from beneath the desk. Some task chair models are even designed to match the level of this tray.

Elevated Footrests. Whether sitting or standing, adding a footrest can help to improve circulation and reduce overall fatigue. While sitting, footrests can help to reduce strain on the legs and feet by allowing the operator to elevate their feet. When standing, operators can alternate putting feet up on a footrest to lessen the strain on the lower back.

Ability to Customize Command Center Workstations

Another feature of most command center desks is the ability to customize the workstation area per the operator’s needs. Whether multiple monitors are required, or many cables need to be organized, options are available.

Monitor Space. Depending on the industry, a multi-monitor workstation may be preferred, especially in airports and security and surveillance facilities. Monitors can be arranged in varying configurations, from a single row to stacked rows. Most monitor arms can elevate screens to an ideal height for additional operator comfort. Monitor walls can be incorporated into the layout for larger command and control centers.

Storage Options. Allowing operators to store items at their workstations is another way to customize their space. Built-in storage includes shelves and cabinets, both of which can store important documents and maintain a clutter-free desk. Cabinets can be installed beneath the console furniture at each station as per the needs of the operator. Shelves can be added to the slatwall backing alongside the monitor displays.

Cable Management. Cable management systems are vital to further organizing the command center operator’s workstation. Brush gaskets and grommets feed the monitor and other power cables underneath the desk surface, where they can access the power supply while remaining hidden and out of the way.

Accessible Power and Task Lighting. Every console desk must have a reliable power supply, typically a power distribution unit. The Inracks premium power distribution units can be mounted atop the desk surface as a collapsible grommet and include USB ports.

Task lighting is another necessary component of a proper command center workstation. Since many critical operation centers lack natural lighting, operators need to have adequate lights at their disposal. The Inracks premium task lights have adjustable arms (5 points of adjustment) and consume very little power.

command center desks with task chairs, lighting, and dual monitor displays at each station

Inracks Environmental Management System

The Inracks micro environmental management system is a personal climate control device that can be added to any command center desk. This system controls the temperature within its proximity and can also manage lighting solutions at each workstation. Heating and cooling airflow can be easily maintained per the operator’s needs. With its compact size, this climate control system has a color touchscreen and can save up to 99 unique temperature profiles.

This micro environmental management system is a must-have for any critical operations center desk if operator comfort is important. Some additional features include an integrated motion sensor to ensure the device only runs when an operator is present, a variable speed cooling fan that can go to 1500 fpm, and forced air heating. Discounted pricing is available for larger quantity orders.

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