Professional Video Display Wall Solutions for Corporate & Government

The need for connectivity and display of digital data in critical work environments is at the highest demand. Control rooms serve as a hub for monitoring and evaluating during a crisis. Installing high performance and trustworthy display systems in critical environments is extremely important.

We proudly offer the most reliable, technologically advanced commercial video solutions using the LG suite of professional display wall products. Products include LG Magnit, LED Bloc and LED Fine-Pitch.

Control Room

Stay in control for mission-critical decisions

In control rooms, the places for monitoring security, network, traffic, and utilities, various real-time videos, sound, and multimedia data are shared, and quick situation response from the field is required. A visual solution suitable for control should operate 24/7 and should be capable of smooth reproduction of the dynamic motion in the areas. The visual outputs should not be interfered with the screen bezel and delivered precisely. You can utilize a fine-pitch LED that can display the real-time content in bezel-less high resolution.

Board Room

Leading choice for sharing your vision

This is a meeting room for company board members and executives. In consideration of the room size and capacity, the display must be visible from a distance and different angles. It requires premium display with vivid and high definition picture quality without bezel to present and share figures without any interference.


Extraordinary guest experiences start from your building lobby

Providing an eye-catching & immersive experience using unique display solutions, LG will provide new opportunities for presenting welcoming messages to customers, communicating with employees, and unobtrusively delivering advertising content to visitors.

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