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Do’s & Dont’s of Control Room Design

While “design process” means something different in a lot of industries, generally engineers have a distinct idea of what it entails. For them, it’s when mathematical and scientific skills come together to fulfill a common goal. When a building doesn’t follow principles, as is sometimes the case with areas like control rooms, command centers, nocs (network operations centers), and data centers, mistakes are made that can often cost companies a lot of money, just because of the wrong design process.

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Inracks Control Room ConsolesDo’s & Dont’s of Control Room Design

Control Room Furniture & Design Across Industries (A Series): Part 2

This is the second installment in our multi-part look at control room furniture and design across a variety of industries. It is important to take a broad, multi-category view of control room design, not just for the sake of those within specific industries themselves; but also for designers to keep their view as wide as possible, to learn and build solutions from a variety of situations and challenges.

This article will be focusing on design elements and initiatives for clients within the Airport/Air Traffic industry. It is important for firms to be familiar with this industry, as $255 billion was invested in new airport construction in 2017 and a further $885 billion was dedicated to infrastructure upgrades—some of which was dedicated to airport control rooms.

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Inracks Control Room ConsolesControl Room Furniture & Design Across Industries (A Series): Part 2