The Summit Enterprise console is the flagship NOC/Control Room Furniture Solution.
Functional yet affordable.

The worksurface is tough and is supported by a high strength frame.

  • Urethane edge molding accommodates heavy duty usage (24/7/365) and provides wrist comfort by eliminating contact stress caused by hard/sharp edges
  • Worksurface is virtually seamless
  • Heavy duty frame comprises sheet metal and extruded aluminum

Easy lift off access panels expose heavy gauge stainless steel cable management basket

  • Lay in cables/wires to and from worksurface area (monitors, keyboards, etc)
  • Route cables/wires to adjacent consoles
  • Route cables/wires to CPUs, power distribution units (PDUs), KVMs, etc.
  • Access panels provide brush gasket edging to ‘close’ over wires, hold them in place, and provide an organized, professional appearance

Heavy duty steel shelving provides secure storage for servers and miscellaneous electronics

  • Easy lift off doors (front and rear)
  • Doors can slide in aluminum slide path
  • Vented doors support heat dissipation
  • Clear path from shelving to cable management area

Attractive heavy duty slatwall provides convenient mounting point for accessories

  • Frees up worksurface space
  • Slatwall comprises high strength anodized aluminum
  • Monitor arms can support various flat screen configurations
  • Task lights provide additional workstation lighting when and where it is needed
  • Black powder coated perforated cap supports convection cooling

Power and Data are at your fingertips

  • Integrated power distribution unit (PDU)
  • Power and data ports integrated into access panels
  • Up to 8 ports of combined power and data

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Our Flagship Product

The Summit Enterprise is the Inracks Flag Ship, providing full Enterprise functionality and appearance with Inracks Advanced Cable Management and Slatwall. Additionally, the Enterprise control room furniture provides under-worksurface storage for two (2) servers.

Check out the High Quality Laminate Finish – “All the Performance at a Fraction of the Cost” The Summit Enterprise series of control room furniture consoles represents an excellent value proposition and offers the following key benefits:

  • Advanced Wire Management using a cable trough running under the worksurface – provides a convenient entrance/exit point for wires and cables
  • All wires and cables are contained and managed within the cable trough located under the worksurface
  • Integrated Power and Data Grommets provide ready operator access to all required connection points – located on user specified worksurface location
  • Easy lift-off cover to access cable trough
  • Power Distribution Unit panel – provides easy access to power monitors, printers etc.
  • Storage for up to two (2) Tower Servers under the worksurface
  • Adequate knee and toe space
  • Convenient lift-off ventilated access panels

Summit Enterprise Console Key Features:

  1. High Strength aluminum slatwall to attach monitor arms, task lights, telephones and binders to keep the worksurface clear and organized.
  2. Standard Module Widths include: 24″, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”
  3. Premier End Panel – Enterprise look and feel!
  4. Urethane Worksurface Edge provides additional protection and Enterprise appearance for Network Operation Center (NOC) and Command Center 24/7 Operations
  5. Seamless Multi-Console Worksurface Baying – Mitered Corners
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