Control Room Design For Implementing SCADA & DCS Systems

What is SCADA?

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions) systems are control systems that uses computers as well as user interfaces for the supervisory management. This will typically be used in process plants or other machinery, or in any situation that alertness and operator engagement is essential for using a monitor system.

What is a DCS System?

A DCS (Distributed Control System) is a computerized system that will generally be used in plants or processes that have multiple control loops, which require a central operator supervisory control. Because of this, result processes are able to be localized by the site while the monitoring can be done remotely. You will often use this in security priority, high-value, and critical process industries.

Scada and DCS control room design rendering

What Considerations are There When Designing a Control Room for SCADA or DCS Design?

There are quite a few things that go into designing a control room for the SCADA or DCS system. When a consultant comes on the property, they will make various recommendations that will help to create the perfect setup for your needs. Any recommendations that are made will be decided on based on the following considerations:

  • Looking at traffic flow that can increase stress, fatigue, and distraction.
  • Look at screen space that won’t allow for all the necessary data to be displayed.
  • Any poor lighting that can lead to fatigue and misinformation
  • Noise that will increase the response time but will decrease your accuracy.
  • Reduces efficiency in collaboration and receiving information due to any poor operator adjacency.
  • Improper sight lines of people, displays, and information
  • Stationary work or inactivity, which could lead to potential health issues and fatigue.

Once they take these things into consideration, you will get a custom plan that will really work for your company’s needs. You need efficiency and Inracks is able to make sure that you get the most efficient DCS design system possible.

Building a Critical Facility to Handle a SCADA or DCS System

You may be wondering what goes into building the critical facility that will handle the SCADA or DCS system. One of the first things that will happen is the consultant will take a look at the room from how it was used in the past, what it’s currently used for, and the future use of the room. They will talk to the operators to discover what works for them and what doesn’t, which helps the team decide whether or not this will be a full rebuilt or just redesigning what’s there to optimize your space. The point is to get the most functionality out of the space.

The audit is so important because without it, it can be hard to determine the real needs of your organization. The information that is collected during the audit will be compared to data of other similar organizations, allowing you to see what the standard practices are for other companies in your industry. The report will not just consider any needs that your business currently has, but they will also consider any needs for potential future growth in your critical facility.

It is important for you to remember that this report is essential for creating the best control room space. The audit offers a really detailed report to offer recommendations for the desks, monitoring walls, auxiliary equipment, consoles, chairs, and collaboration devices. The goal is to make sure that you have a long-term solution for your SCADA or DCS system.

dual console configuration with dual monitors and video wall

Retrofitting or Repurposing a Control Room for SCADA or DCS

There are quite a few objectives that will be achieved when getting these services, such as:

  • Improved Results

Control rooms that are properly designed can not only improve your efficiency, but it can also improve the accuracy of the operator. Ultimately, this can provide extra safety in the workplace and lower operating costs.

  • Increased Safety

Safety is a top priority, so finding these issues and remedying them as soon as possible.

  • Smarter Building

A well-designed space is a great investment because you can get exactly what you need now, while also offering you the flexibility that you need to grow for the future.

  • Better HR Outcomes

Low morale is a major cause for employee turnover. You want to attract the best people to your company and having a well-designed space will do this for you.

  • Protect Your Investments

You are spending a lot on your large-scale SCADA and DCS system, so you want to make sure that you protect this investment. Installations are pretty consistent 99% of the time, but that doesn’t account for when things do happen sometimes, like human error. A proper command center can prevent a lot of these issues.

two designers working on computer

Unique Applications Our Design Can be For

What can our business do for you? When you work with Inracks, you can be sure that your design will work for you, not against you. We collect all of the necessary data to create reports that accurately represent the current and future needs of your company. We handle crisis preparation, ensuring that you get the most efficient reaction time.

If you want to learn more about our company and how we can help you, please contact us. Inracks offers a wide variety of services that can help create the ideal command and control center space for your business’ individual needs. You need efficiency, and our knowledge and experience in the industry will give you the efficiency you need. Check out our gallery to see the work we have completed for our other clients to get a feel for what we could do for the setup in your critical space. You need your control room to work efficiently and safely, which is why hiring an experienced DCS design team is the best approach.

Inracks Control Room ConsolesControl Room Design For Implementing SCADA & DCS Systems

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